When I look around, part II

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He looks at him
With envious eyes
It’s as if he asks himself why

He asks himself where is the love he had
He asks himself when will he find love

And he looked down
And fell his tears to the ground

When I look around, part I

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He steps slowly
With a smile on his face
His happiness, so evident
His smiles were all over his face
He finally found his love
So when will I?

The Dark Arises

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Ashes burn
Firing Cold
Water runs dry
A story untold

The blues kill me
Emotions mixed
Tears filling my pillow
My heart feels so shallow

I hate to see your shadow
I have gone through a dark mellow

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Cold Morning

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A poetry duet by Lenanoid and Sherry:

Lena 01:

In a small world, here we meet
Running around in circles
With our hearts beating
Music plays while you’re sleeping

Sherry 01:

Around the clocks in every tics…
Mind wanders wide while the everybody’s on a slumber..
And I bother to dance in the wildest imaginings..
In the dungeons of secret musings..

Lena 02:

I was captivated before I even knew
In your eyes, I have found something true
My heart pounded fast as I see you
Still feels like you erase the blue

Sherry 02:

In each breathe that waves through you..
Is a trail of interlaced memories..
That waves in the pathways through heavens …
And breeze swiftly among the fields of cedars..
I would kiss in the wake of the cold morning

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images


Please follow Sherry’s blog at http://mercshe.wordpress.com/.
Her poems are beautiful and lovely :)

Princess at Work

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Walk like a Queen
Dress like a Slave
Work like a Princess
Looking forward for her Crown Jewel

There goes my feet again :D
There goes my feet again :D

Some Words

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People speak when they want to
People act when they feel to
People say things that can tear you apart
But as long as you know your heart

Don’t give up..
It’s a dark world after all
Let your light shine upon them all..
Just keep walking



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If I could disappear
And go to anywhere
I would go freely
And here, I escape


Acrostic Poems Combo

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For Shane (Sheena, my seatmate)

She’s a girl who’s beside me
Hummingly kind and so entirely
Amplifying kindness, she has a good heart
Not so surprising cause she believes in God
Everyday, I sit beside her, she is Shane

For Ellen May (a Facebook friend)

Each deep thought strikes her head
Letters then come and she writes it well
Life lessons and some pondering comes in place
Each life has a story to tell
Night time arrives and she’s bound to work

Maybe I haven’t known her for too long
And I haven’t seen her, either in person
Yet I feel, she’s definitely not a morning person

“Oh So Loved” – One Lovely Award

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lovely-blog-awardJem at “Jemverse – Life in Words” gave me this One Lovely Award a few days ago, and I’m much thankful about this. Having an award means so much to a blogger or a poet because it’s like saying “Hey, don’t stop writing, don’t stop rhyming, You inspire me” And for this, I am grateful :)

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blog that nominated you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Identify 15 blogs you love and
  4. Tell each of them about this with a comment on their blogs.

The Seven Things About Me: 

  1. It’s my dream to have an android cellphone. Cause what I got now is a Nokia Asha 309. Looking forward to a cellphone in which I can save drafts for my poems. Since I don’t erase messages, my phone hangs (like it has lost its mind) when it’s reaching full capacity.
  2. I’m super fragile. I guess it shows in my posts. (Laughs)
  3. Pink is my favorite color. I love songs by Pink (the artist)
  4. In 2012, I lost 10 pounds overnight. I slept at 64 kilos and woke up at 54 kilos, due to a high fever as complication of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  5. My favorite food is pastaaaa. (Carbonara and Spaghetti are my favorites)
  6. My favorite movie, so far, is Maleficent. I don’t know what’s with it, but I’m fascinated by the following scenes: (The dialogue between the King and Maleficent, The scene where Maleficent’s wings were cut, and the morning she woke up, she got broken without it, AND the scene where her wings came back – magnificent!)
  7. I am also fascinated by arts. I have been to an art gallery last Sunday, and oh, they are great! The thing is, I have no talent in painting, nor drawing. That’s why everytime I see a masterpiece, I’m astound!

My 15 Lovely Blog nominees – If I included your blog on this list, it means you inspire me a lot, and the words up there in Italic, it’s for you :)

1 Coffee With Noor
2 Dormis Aeternitas
3 writing in airplanes
4 dעr tאlmid
5 Colleen Kelbert – Canada
6 Mum C writes
7 The Poetry Project
8 minipoet
9 pinkchromosome
10 Poesy plus Polemics
11 Saya..D Poet…
12 scatteredimpressions
13 Tell me about it
14 Diwata In Lalaland
15 Petitue Magique

Congratulations to all of you, and Thanks again, Jem :)



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She takes a deep breath
Not minding tomorrow
Not thinking about yesterday
She steps slowly
To the shadows of her dark past

Slowly tears fell from her eyes
She was burnt long before she knew
She can no longer handle the storm inside her

She then disappeared
And through silence, she recovered
And long gone, she flew again
With her wings, all back in
With her spirit whole again

She was a girl with a fragile heart
Nobody saw her fall apart
No one knew she’s got a soft feeling
That can easily break with your screaming.

A Haiku?

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To the point where you lose
To the point where I win
To the point where there’s no point.


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I hear you talkin’
The rants you keep on saying
And it’s me you’re suspecting
How can we turn into nothing?

I see you saw me going
And the bags I’m packing
Are at the front door waiting
Since September evening

The roses you gave were cut and stepped
Its beauty and power no longer has effect
How can you be so selfish when we’re not even meant
You better keep loving as you watch me leaving

I love you
But you love yourself too much
So how about me?

My Bittermelon

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I feel you, my bitter melon
Nobody wants to eat you at first

But if they only knew
You’re not that bad, hey

They never knew what’s inside of you
Cause they judge by what they see of you

Hey bitter melon, I’m here, I’ll have you
You’re welcome in my world if they don’t want you.


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I often ask myself and wondered why
While there’s a glimpse of cloud in the sky
While they were mocking me for who I am

Because they do not see themselves in me
They haven’t tried to walk a day in my shoe
So I cried alone, so my weakness will not show

But I know manhood’s not measured by what they know
But by how someone love their own
So I ignore the bullies and the discriminating critics

They looked at me as if they say “boo!”
They’re acting like our kind are doomed
But I know, out of love, I was created, I’m also a human

Their eyebrows raised when I walked their way
Not minding what I’ve gone through a day
They won’t care, they won’t know how it is to be a gay

Special Thanks to John Maverick Jocson for contributing the title for this poem.


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You make me breathless
With your caress
You left me powerless
No more, no less

And with every touch
You make me feel alive
With your head on my shoulder
It just couldn’t get any better

Your romance blooms like a rose
As my heart that was once closed
You opened my senses to love
Now I’m flying freely as a dove

I Will Age

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This face you once saw
Will someday grow old
Wrinkles will be on my skin
My vision will not be so clear

My hair will soon be white
But I’ll still take care of you
I hope you know that once in a while
I always have you on my mind

My beauty will fade
My teeth will fall
My back will bend
Until I’m stuck in bed

Like a dying flower, I will fade
But in my heart, it’s just a decade
The skin that you see now, the skin you feel
Will turn crumpled, until you no longer see me.


Jack of all trades

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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

In my quest to be everything
I became nothing
So I tried to spit them fire
But though, I drowned in the sublime

My words scribbled and mumbled
And it got me twisted over fabled
I guess that’s what a chocolate is for
When everything seems to be going wrong

Give me a worry-free Monday afternoon
Give me something worth waiting for
Spare me silence and I’ll give you freedom
But it’s me who’s chained in boredom

In a five street highway, I stood in the middle
Nowhere to go, I don’t know where to walk
So I picked the way which is close to scribbles
And there I walked, not bothered If I’m not heard.

Once Upon A Time

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There was a girl
She tried to fit in
She tried everything

But nothing seems to work
No one seems to be fine
Nothing seems to rhyme

So she stood in front of the mirror
And loved her reflection
She loved what she saw

She felt uncanny
So she took out her sword
She’d like to slice every piece she saw

But then, oh, She lose
On surrender, she loved all her flaws
And she lived happily ever after


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There are so this days
When emptiness is a yes
When ground seems so close
When the rope seems so lose

And you, you take it to the level
Where you’re the only clever
Nothings seems to care
No one seems to dare

Words are spoken
They are what their mouth are
Fingers rush
Where follies are

Another busy day
Take me to the hay
Take me to the roof
Let me take a look

And oh, that’s so down
Cars blowing horn
Nah, just let me sit
And a cup of coffee, I sip

Air Bubble

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In the skies is where I long to be
To be an air flowing freely
Passing by as the earth go round
Conquering mountains as I surround

And I joined my kind as we pass by
The group of air as we look down
Freely going, freely passing
Looking upon the land as in the skies I’ll be seeing

I’ll be a bubble in the air, giving you joy.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

You’re not alone

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Dance to your own beat
Don’t mind those who are looking
Sing and let your soul soar
Never hold back, never hide

And when the rain falls down on you
Don’t be afraid, you just gotta go on
Everything will be alright, dear
I am here to wipe your fears

“65 today, but not”

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From her first walks to her first talks
Brought her parents so much joy
On her 12, she first carried crafts of her hands
On her shoulders she carried, to buy a land

And on her 20’s she dances and sang
On her town that she’s so known
As a girl who sings out loud
A girl with a golden heart so unfound

On her 30’s she bear children
One with golden hands of art
One with hands which had rhymes
One is painting, one is writing this

On her 40’s nearly 50’s she guarded them
Telling stories of her past and deep sentiments
Saying goodness, putting kindness
To her children, she taught meekness

And on her 60’s, she got sick, got her bone weakened
A bed and a box of medicine in a gloomy weekend
And on a Sunday she left, leaving her empty
A glimpse of her smiling is what had left her hoping

“October 10 is my mom’s supposed to be 65th birthday, but she left 2 years ago. I made this for her. To all of those who’s still with their mom, love them while they’re here. It’s hard to lose one. Cause you can never have another”

Re-leaf (Tea Relief)

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Those hands picked the three leaves
From the spot where she lives
Her world was changed and uncluttered
With just one sip of tea, life’s all that matters.

We are Sisters ^_^ “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”

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Hello WordPress People!

It’s been a while since I last posted, it’s because I had a tight schedule and a not so bloody gums when I had a tooth extraction.

On 23 September, I was nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” by Aakansa of http://akansha1104.wordpress.com/. You have to visit her site as well cause she’s sweet and kind :)

Thank you for this Aakansha! Again, this means much to me. :)


Here are the guidelines:

Thank and link the person who nominated you. Add the award to your post and site. Answer 10 questions provided to by the person nominating you. Provide 10 questions of your own to be answered by those you nominate. Nominate your bloggers for the award. (AND comment on their blogs to inform them.)


1) What is the one thing that you would or would not want to change about yourself.
Not sure, but I wanna get whiter :)) I don’t want to change my eye – because I might see things differently after which.

2)Confess something daring about yourself.
Daring or Challenging about me is I’m hard to find and harder to keep. I sometimes have a perfectionist side, by which I try to suppress by the best of my ability.

3)What superpower would you want to have?
If I’d have a superpower, I would like to be invisible. So I can kiss all the people I love, without them seeing it’s me. I think it’s sweet and am also dreaming of that *-*

4)If you ever got the chance to meet me, would you?
Yes! Sure! I’d like to meet fellow WP bloggers, given the chance :)

5)Who inspires you the most?
Many poets here inspire me. Arvhee, Patty, Michelle Marie, Poets on PoetsCorner – they inspire me! :)

6)What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Chocolate / Cookies and Cream

7)Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Still blogging? Maybe with a daughter who looks like me or a son who looks like my boyfriend :)

8)Mountains or Plains?
Mountains :)

9)What is that one particular thing you’re scared of the most? (Be Honest)
I’m scared of dogs. I’d prefer to be hit by a car than be bitten by a dog.

10)What do you think about my blog and why do you follow it?
Seeing your posts, I think you’re dedicated to what you’re doing. i used to have time before, like updating my blog, posting poems almost daily, but now, I can’t do it. That’s why I want to congratulate you and thank you at the same time – for sharing us a piece of you – through your writings. Keep going. Thank you again :)


1) What are your pet peeves?
2) Are you an introvert or extrovert? What type (if ever you know yours) ?
3) If you would be stuck in an island and you’re allowed to bring 5 things, what are those?
4) Who’s your favorite singer/musician?
5) What’s your usual get up?
6) What do you think is my worst and best post?
7) When did you start blogging and what was your purpose back then?
8) Beauty or Brains?
9) Vampire or Zombie?
10) What’s one top secret you wanna share with us?

And for my nominations! Here are they!

❤ Michelle Marie of Tell me about it and thinkingpinkx2 (http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com/) and (http://thinkingpinkx2.wordpress.com/)

❤ Yesenia Guerra of lapoetaflor (http://lapoetaflor.wordpress.com/)

and last, but not the least

❤ Noor Shirazie of Cofee With Noor (http://coffeewithnoor.wordpress.com/)

Enjoy! ^_^


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She stood by the cliff
And like a falling leaf
She fell to the ground
Cherished the moment
And erased the frown

Her life was full of memories
Her heart full of scars and remedies
In this earth she walked
Like a passerby she lived

Each moment in every minute worthwhile