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She stood by the cliff
And like a falling leaf
She fell to the ground
Cherished the moment
And erased the frown

Her life was full of memories
Her heart full of scars and remedies
In this earth she walked
Like a passerby she lived

Each moment in every minute worthwhile

Into Deep

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I’m not into deep
But when I look at you
I see the storm’s coming
I hear the waves roaring
I feel the rain flowing
Each stare feels like current
Like against your tide I swim
And I’m electrified and into deep
Coz I know you’re just a dream

Just Try

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Credits: Google Images
Credits: Google Images

When you seem tired and seem so lost
No where to find
Seems so restless, there’s no one you can call
Just Try.. there’s no ocean you can’t cross

When everything seems so wrong
Nothing ever seems to go on
I am just here
Just Try.. I’ll be here holding on

When there’s no love around
When no one seems to understand
Just Try.. and look up
He knows what’s in your heart

Don’t be too hard on yourself
I’ll be there on your darkest day
Just Try.. it’s okay to fall sometime
Cause everything will be alright

And when you can’t find your way home
Don’t lose your hope
You’ll soon keep going
Just Try.. and leave it all behind..


Special thanks to TL Junrey Ungria for lending me a pen and paper where I wrote this poem :) 

Inspiringly Inspired

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I am thankful and humbled to receive the nomination for  “Very Inspiring Blogger” award from Jemverse. Again, thanks for nominating me on this award. This means so much to me :)

I would also like to nominate the following blog sites which I believe that are very much deserving for this heart whelming  award:

1. In My Metaphorical Room - inspiring poetry (the author is inspiring too :) )
2. Petitue Magique – awesome reads
3. The Starting End – heart-felt written poems
4. Poet’s Corner - lovely poems
5. A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces – for restoring faith in humanity’s kindness.
6. BookNVolume – inspiring words
7. Lady of the Cakes - spoonful reads
8.  Poesy plus poemics - entertaining poems
9. Bipolar… with a Twist of Cancer – her posts will inspire you
10. Redgladiola - entertaining poetry

To accept this award, awardees must

  • Display the award on their blog
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  • Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award
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My current favorite song:


And to viewers and to my WordPress family, to all of you,  I wanna say a big


Wishful Thinking

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The rain falls on my window
As I lay on one side of my bed
I played our music on the radio
And I miss you so much more

Wishing you’re beside me
When I have no other choice
But to stop this wishful thinking
And watch the world’s busy streets.


Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

❤ Love Moves ❤

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Your body moves towards me
And I’m mixed up emotionally
Like a music like a song
I hear your footsteps at my door

You walk like a sway in the air
Like how your eyes stare
And how you looked at me, I’ve melted
This love has far been underrated

I wonder how it feels to be in your arms
But still you won’t see me
Still I can’t feel…

Your presence intoxicate me
Like a wine all left to taste fine.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

White Mask

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The reddish pillowcase bar
The soap that washes her scar
The lining deep within her skin
The spots that linger under her blemish cream

She licked her red lipstick
To her fine, beautiful lips
The eyes that got bigger
Under mascara’s power

Her eyes look at the mirror
Unending her beauty got her tremors
But then you threw away the creams
And cried her shattered heart and broken dreams

On your twenties you think you looked like Rihanna
And on your fifties almost like Madonna
You’ll always look perfect to me
No matter what they say

She got a white mask
To hide her almost perfect face
You should see how I see you
Perfect and perfectly if you ever just knew

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

When Beauty Fades

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The days of her youth
Rarely written off her hood
Her shiny hair fades
As it turns white and gray

Wrinkles all over her face
Shows what life she had
Her crumpled skin speaks
Her hard-work day and night

Her beauty fades
But her smile remained
All the beauty she has
Was written all over her heart

Photo Credits: Google Images
Photo Credits: Google Images

My First Book

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Just last week, I was so happy as my first book was published. Although it was not through a publisher. Because I don’t have much money, I had to print it on my own and have it book-bind.

Here in the Philippines, you have to pay the publishing house and the bookstore for them to sell your book. So there goes my remedy.

I have dreamed for this for 13 years.

When I was 13 years old, I wrote my first poems. There was a funny story behind it though. I was heartbroken by that time and the only way I could let it out is to write poems. So there. After writing five poems, I got an idea to write a lot of poems and have it published someday.

It was my secret dream. I didn’t tell anybody. Even my mother haven’t known about it. I asked my mom to keep my four notebooks full of poem, but then, it got lost. So I got discouraged.

In 2012, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I opened a blog the day I knew it. Because I knew that I’m going to need to write again to let it out. Things turn out different. The pain that I felt was solely great that writing didn’t help.

Few months had passed, I recovered the life in me that I almost lost. I didn’t close my blog as I tried to write about the things that come to my mind.

Then, inspiration comes. I was able to write poems again. So I compiled the poems and had it in a book.

I have included the collaboration poems I had with some poets here in WordPress.

Now it’s for sale :)

My first book (c) Lenanoid
My first book (c) Lenanoid










I’m not selling it for profit. I sell it so I share my passion.

Thanks be to God for He allowed this to happen.

When Waves Collide

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Photo Credits: Google Images
Photo Credits: Google Images

I was astound by your love
We love like waves collide
I ran fast against the current
Down to the bottom of the ocean bed

Sea-foams touched my feet
You lifted me up and we fell asleep
Emotions got my hair waving
Like the wind when it’s trembling yet whispering

I could forever stay in waters
If you’ll promise that we’ll be together
I jumped into the waters and rain fell
You look at me and I melt

The best part of love is falling’
And when I look at you, boy, I’m loving’
Every stars I see in your eyes
Every shine, every sparkle speaks mine.

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

<3 Coffee and Chocolates <3

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In this corner

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A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I used to look into your eyes
You used to read mine and analyze
But now I’m all alone
Time and space has departed us

Pen and paper, songs and guitars
I just have them by my side
Staring blankly at a clear blue sky
And I’m wishing I could turn back time.

Lessons I learned from Watching Basketball

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Originally posted on Deeply Written:

As a blogger, I have observed and got to ponder some things while watching live ball games. As I was watching UNTV Cup games, I have observed and learned some things, such follows:

1. When you have the chance to make it, go for it.

Don’t hesitate. I rarely see players doubt while playing. It’s like each time they can get the ball and shoot it, they do. So in real life, I think that should be our mindset. If you have the chance to do something, moreso if it’s good, let it happen.

2. If you fail, at least try again.

If the ball doesn’t make it to the basket, try again. If a player don’t try the second time, there will be no success. So knowing when to try again and when to stop sometimes is the key. In life, we should at least learn to not give…

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Down & Defeated

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A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I’m gasping for my breath
While you count the days ahead
There’s nothing much more to say
I wish we could forever stay

I cried alone outside
As if the air can understand my pain
As if I can just put this love aside
As if my heart can still beat tonight

Cuts from my left to your right
And my pulse is on the line
And you believed that I was all fine
Not seeing that I had cuts all over my hand

I thought you will be my eye
But you take away my sight
And threw me down while I was blind
And that free fall took away my life.

Dark Room

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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

A Dark Room
And a line of light
I see from the window
As I lie sorrowed

Tears starts to flow
As the thoughts began to storm
My head was taken by the rain
It was not winter;
but my heart got frozen

If only cuts would stop these tears
If only bruises will take away my fears
But no, it wouldn’t do me anything
Just had me lying in this dark room forever.

And I woke up

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A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

From the broken floor
I woke up broken and cold
Gasping my breath
Feeling the wounds I kept

Lying on the floor
All I see is your shadow
If left my soul wanting for more
Cuts and bruises are what for

In this game you always win
I’d never had a chance to be loved right
And you smile and I fall once again
And tomorrow I’ll wake up lying on the broken floor

Your silhouette in my fragile heart
Kept me broken each and every time
It’s dark inside the room where I am
And you won’t bother to make me feel warm

A Dreamer’s Dream

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A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

In the silence of the night
Her dreams scream so loud
To sing infront of a crowd
And touch their cold hearts

They laughed at what she wrote
Told her it has long been told
But her dream won’t give up
She said with a smile:
It won’t die tonight

A Golden Celebration: Bro. Eli at 50

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Originally posted on Deeply Written:

Last April 7, 2014, Bro. Eli Soriano, the Presiding Minister of Members Church of God International (MCGI) celebrated his 50th Spiritual Birthday.

Going back in time, it was April 7, 1964 when a 17-year old Bro. Eli Soriano received his baptism in the Church of God.

He was once a faithful member and later on, had become a church worker. In such God’s perfect time, he became a Minister in the Church.

He was once propagating the words of God thru “Barangay Pulong”, wherein he walks from barangay to another barangay to preach the word of God. He has been well-known for winning religious debates.

After some time, Bro. Eli’s voice was heard over the radio waves eventually, he reached the TV Stations. There were several TV stations where he preached.

Over the years, many converts testified on the changes that took place on their lives upon hearing Bro. Eli’s…

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Originally posted on Deeply Written:

PASIG CITY, PHILIPPINES – The UNTV Cup 2 Games continue as the second elimination round started last Sunday, April 13, 2014.

On Game 1, LGU Vanguards, with 2 wins and 2 losses faced Malacañan Patriots with 3 wins and 1 loss. Vanguards’ head count was 8 while there were 10 players from the Patriots.

At the end of the first quarter, the Patriots took over the Vanguards with 7 point margin, 17-24.

The Vanguards didn’t allow their opponent to devour them. At the end of second and third quarter, they were a point higher than the Patriots.

At the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, that’s when the Patriots doubled their efforts. Thus, thru the power shots of Yamamoto, they were able to forward against the Vanguards.

It was indeed a close fight between them as their scores tied six times during the entire game.

The game ended with…

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A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I’ll keep the venom
inside my veins
I’ll keep the screams
I’ll burn my daydream

I’ll let my silence speak
Till my tears run deep
Until you see yourself alone
Away from what you know home

Loneliness is calling me every night
I open the door and let it in everytime
You seem to not know what’s going on
Yet you’re always on my mind running like a marathon.


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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

We stayed the night
Up and in all our might
Your smile shines so bright
In a dark, lonely night

I’ll never cut your heart
Just promise we’ll never part
All you have to do is believe
And put your heart on your sleeve

With You

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fd afaa

 A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I can’t live my life in black and white
Cause I always have you in my mind
You’re such a colorful bliss to hide
A lovely night I can’t hide

Playing Victim

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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I wish I can press rewind
Back to Day one
And pause, stop and reset

I wouldn’ t mind anyway
If you’re hurt or am I
This I’m no longer willing to play

Back to the days
When my heart was mine
When I’m far from your crime

And you were playing victim so  well
It’s a talk you’re always able to sell
I wish I never fell


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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

My pillow case
And your pretty face
Ever contemplating within
Tired of thinking what could have been

You’re like a wine
That’s intoxicating my blood
And I ask for more
But you don’t want me anymore

(Continued as requested by a friend)

 I stare blankly
Unattended calls
And email maybe
It’s so clear to me

Your heart’s screaming at my  broken heart
You wanted to be free from the scar
But then,  there’s nothing left to fight for
Cause you need me no more


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UNTV Cup 2 Update: MMDA Black Wolves Defeat Season One Champ Team Judiciary.

Originally posted on Deeply Written:

So long, Solons

PASIG CITY, PHILIPPINES – UNTV Cup’s elimination round was held in Ynares Sports Arena last Thursday, March 27. Game one happened between House of Representative Solons with stats 3 loss – no win and Malacañan Patriots with 1 win – 2 loss

It was a do-or-die game for both teams. The HOR Solons needs to win this game for them not to be eliminated in the first phase of the tournament.

At the end of first half, the Patriots are at 40 while Solons are at 36.

Lack of Solon’s defense made them lose their match to Patriots, despite the combined efforts of Congressmen Tugna and Tupas on their three point shots.

On the other hand, the Patriots’ camaraderie and defensive streak made them win over Solons.

The game ended with 12 point margin, 76 – 88. Forward # 14 Paul Anthony Yamamoto was named Best Player…

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