The Princess Checklist

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

“In every girl’s fragile heart, lives a princess waiting to be awaken by her one true love”
“Every girl is a princess in her own castle”

But what is it about the princess thing that all little girl love? I’ve been a little girl and still haven’t figured out why we all love being a princess, and being treated one. So out of nowhere, just by listening to a soundtrack of a fairy-tale, I created a checklist that I call “the princess checklist”.

So these are the things that I think, a princess should have. That if you do not have these, then you’re not a real princess, at all. And the list goes like this:

A good heart to help others

If you don’t have a good and compassionate heart, then maybe you’re not to be a lovely princess, but a queen. Yes, a queen. An evil queen. All princesses in Disney are all kindhearted, implementing justice, and goodhearted, even to their subordinates. So pride is not to be implemented here, rather be swallowed.

A courage to face your fears

All princesses that I’ve watched have the courage to stand for their belief, even if it means that they should stand alone and get into war, but of course, the kingdom and the mighty men won’t let them. So the keyword here is “bravery”. Forget the words “quit” and “cowardliness” Those words have no room in a princess’ heart.

An endurance to take pain just to make others happy

As sacrificing as it may sound, but yes, real princesses are sacrificing. Since we all know that we have much more to offer, we don’t mind taking into sorrow, being pulled down by our own heart, because we know how to swim upstream (have I just become little mermaid here? hehe) As it is said, it is much better to endure the pain than to cause others pain. Each sacrifice has its repay, so if you’re down because you pull others up, don’t be sad, it’s called selflessness. And that trait is not so much common nowadays.

Loyalty to her prince charming

“Ehem”. A girl might be pretty, almost having the looks of a princess, but as what I mentioned earlier, we’re talking about princess inside a girl’s heart and not on the outside. (LOL, what an excuse!) You’re not considered a princess if you’re hooking up with many men. If you’re flirting with a lot of boys, that doesn’t make you any. A princess is loyal to a fault to her prince charming, whether she already found him or still waiting for him. Just as what Disney princesses portray.

If material possessions can set you free, then you aren’t a real princess. A real princess’ dream is her true love’s kiss.

This is in connection to the fourth must-have of a princess. A princess doesn’t need any mansion, any golden diamond ring, for her to feel her royalty, Just having him beside her and when love is true, that is when a girl feels like a princess — when treated right by her one true love. Hence, you don’t need to have a car, a wallet full of money to be qualified as a prince. You needed to have a heart of gold and not house full of gold, to be her prince. A princess inside a girl’s heart only comes out when she feels that she is treated one. I’m not talking about material, and the way a man should be a slave, but rather the value a man is giving to his lady. Princesses are rare, so if you’re lucky to find one, and you’re found as her prince, take care and cherish her. Not because she’s a princess, but because you might not find another one like her. Each princess is unique in her own way.

Ciao! ^_^v


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