Think Mom (originally ITALY)

Think Mom (originally ITALY)

A Poem By: Maria Elena P. Bitare
Originally done 05-13-01
Edited 09-09-07

She’s the one who knows all about you
The one who is always true
She could turn your world upside down
Could cheer you up when you’re down

Despite of the hardships and everything
I think you’ve forgot something
Something more special than any material
Think Mom is the ever special

She loves to do all her best
Be at your side when you rest
Even if you roam from here to Italy
There’s no more greater than Mommy

The holiest thing alive
Mom made your life a paradise
And when you’re lonely or happy
There’s nobody else but Mommy

About the poem:

I wrote this for my mom because it was mother’s day back then. I edited this after 5 years, and posted this after 11 years. She would’ve been proud that a poem made for her was posted online. 

Me and my Mom
Me and my Mom

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