You’re All I Need

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Written: 09-09-07

I have been struggling yet unseen
Been hopelessly wanting something
Been to my knees, acting like fool
Been driven away then you came cool

You got some style of making me feel
Letting me know that you’re real
I was sometimes caught staring
Then you laugh and bear joking

Isn’t that funny that after all of these
It’s just you that could complete me
Have been rushing to see you smile
Been waiting between a thousand mile

You’re all I need here by my side
To make me laugh and cry
The tears of joy kept flowing
I can’t believe what I’m seeing

I want to make you sing your love
Dance with the sweetest rhythm
Sing the sweetest song you had
You’re all I need by my side to survive

About the poem:

I just found the poem while I was randomly reading some old messages in my email. Good thing that I always backup my files.

Original note: 

I wrote this straight to the computer, I had “dito sa puso ko”, “one” and “catch me I’m falling” as my background songs. I wrote this for 2 hours.

Ciao! ^_^v


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