Staying in Love: Keeping in Touch

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Love. A four letter word but has different meanings. Hard to find but harder to keep. One of the elements to keep a relationship running smooth, one of them that I know is a thing called “Communication”, and yes, communication is an essential element in keeping a healthy relationship . Yes, you don’t need to see a person everyday to be in love, but at least, you need to hear from that person constantly to stay in love.

Why? Because doubts develop over time when presence becomes an absence and when speculation takes in. Keeping in touch may mean different ways, either telephone, cellphone, email, chat, short messaging system (SMS) or anything that our modern technology provides.

Keeping in touch can be possible though your’e miles away from your loved ones especially if you’re eager to keep the flame burning. If not so, sooner or later, one will surrender, one will win, and one will lose, which is not a good thing.

Open Communication is necessary. Never ever cut the thread of an open communication. Telling your partner how you feel is included. And yes, instead of telling how you feel, tell him/her first. If you care for someone, you will be willing to listen to her/his guts, feelings, opinions, and many more. Sometimes, people overlook that. Making them aloof of their loved ones and “solving” their emotional problem alone without them knowing that their object of affection is “dying” of worry about them.

Communication Builds Trust. “Where could he possibly be?” ,”Is she with her friends or with someone else?” These questions could be your lover’s questions if he/she is a suspicious type. You may not know it but if you could read his eyes, then it seems you could also read his mind. But better be sure before you conclude. The point here is, letting a person know where you’re at and who your friends are can lessen the possibility of a doubt-build up. So keep communicating with him/her if you want to keep him/her.

Doubts ruin relationship. Distance doesn’t make the relationship crash, doubts do. It might start with a little misinterpretation but just like the fire that flames out when added up, doubts also do. Just a tip, if you can sense about the storm coming out of your partner’s mind, better settle the issue while it’s still not a big deal, and of course, actions are important. Don’t just say your words, but act upon them. As what they say, you better “walk the talk”

Keeping in Touch is a Constant Touch of Love. If ever you and your partner are miles apart, make sure to do things that touches his/her heart. Maintain an open communication, trust and be trustworthy. Keeping in touch means that you want the person to stay in your life and in your heart. And lastly, SPREAD THE L-O-V-E.

To all my readers, I wish you all love in your life! Ciao ^_^v

About this blog: 

Many people inspired me to write about this blog. Two of them are my office-mates. Corrine and her “partner”, Ate Ella and her “everything”. My cousin, Ate Michelle, and her husband abroad, which maintains an excellent communication very well. And of course, my own inspiration, who constantly touches my heart (blushes). I prefer to call him “anonymous

Anyway, I’m always open to your comments, suggestions and requests. If I have time to write, I will. Ciao! ^_^v


4 thoughts on “Staying in Love: Keeping in Touch

  1. Hmmm.. i guess you already dai!…whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!.. love all you have posted in here.. It really touched my heart in a very expressive way. Just keep on going and continue to shine and progress…


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