Stories on the Streets

Have you ever walked on a street and noticed a pair of slippers, or a ponytail, or a coin purse?

Every time I walk on a street, I’m always looking around. And every time I see something, what comes to my mind is a made up story of what could have happened, why it was there.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Let me do a flashback. Three years ago, I was on my way home, It was 11 pm and  I was bothered not having a load on my cellphone, that I was thinking deep while I was the only one walking on the streets, it was a week after Ondoy hit Metro Manila, that’s why in depressed areas, it was more depressing.

As I was walking on the streets, a guy riding a motorcycle snatched my bag, my shoulder was almost hurt because of his pull. I tried to run after him, as I tried to run as fast as I can, my ponytail, that I just bought, was gone, it fell off my long hair. I failed to reach the guy, of course, he was riding a motor, and I was just running. That time, I was the only one in the streets, so when there was a tricycle that passed by, I asked them to help me to file a blotter at a police station, and I did.

That night, I cried upon entering our house, I lost two cellphones, and one mp3 player, and a twenty pesos in my wallet. I cried not because of the gadgets I lost, but because I knew what my family would say, and the punishment that awaited me.

The very next day, I noticed that my observation on the streets had developed. I used to ignore the things I see in the streets, but ever since that happened, I always think why things like slippers, ponytails, were there — at the place where they shouldn’t be — at the streets.


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