So I was checking my drafts email on yahoo, then I found another poem that I made years ago.

By: Maria Elena Bitare

Safe with your arms around me
I wish you’ll always remember this memory
All the times we’ve been seen
Had been the sweetest place I had been

But there are words left unsaid
From my heart to my dearest friend
That I will always love you
The only thing I had ever knew

There are things I’m afraid of
To see you cry for I am lost
Because this fight is hard
To carry on with flowers and card

My lips are dried and broken
While you were loving and open
Doesn’t seem that I will die
Out of this love made by “you and I”

I want to see my last sunset with you
Words are unspoken, you never knew
I wish for a little more life
I wish to win this fight

I will fight for me to be with you
Left unspoken, faraway from the clue
I want to spend with you my forever
But it seemed we can’t be together

Words are still unspoken
I don’t want to be broken
I wish there would be more days
That I can spend staring at your face

I’ll always look after you
When I’m gone, will you still do?
I’ll be yours ‘til the last leaf fall
It’ll still be your name I’ll call

Unspoken words of my heart
I love you, I scream and shout
Then a breath had last
A falling star did crash

And my heartbeat did end
Cast away from my forever friend
Mourning eyes and sad thoughts you remembered
As you treasure this love we made forever.


All I can remember is I wrote this when I was sick, and I had the thought back then that I will die. Thank God I’m still alive 🙂


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