A call to do good today :)

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Okay, this is a perfect time to blog things, blog what I see, what I feel like I would like to talk about.

I would like to talk about optimism. It’s a simple and complex subject, but let’s not go deeper. I don’t mind being drowned in my thoughts, just so I could share it.

Well, here.. We all notice how bad our society is — compared to what it is before. Bombing, murders, cruelty — that’s present in our world today. And I feel sorry for the victims of the criminal minds of the ruthless people — well, judgement day awaits them if they will not change their ways. And no matter how bad the world is today, let’s not forget about the good things that still happen in our world today — a woman that cooks and shares their food to her neighbor, a by-passer that gave alms to the poor, a citizen that is concerned about his community.. There are still good things to look at, no matter how small it is, it’s still a good one. And you might find something good in you, you just have to ask yourself, what kindness could I do today? And once you find it, go grab it! Don’t let go of the opportunity to share goodness and kindness to others, cause our time in this world is so limited, that we don’t know until when can we do good.

And besides, doing good just doesn’t include giving money, food, presents, or physical things, we can also do good by being there for someone who needs us, emotional, moral support, thereis. If everything seems to not be positive at all to someone, we can encourage and give them hope. Kindless, love, hope, we can give them free. Remember, the best things in life are free. So next time we meet a person in need, whether emotional moral or spiritual need they may have, let’s not hesitate to share what we have, to give what we can. And besides, it might just bring you good things as well. 🙂

Strong people also reached their breaking points, they can break, but they do not choose to.. instead, they bend — that’s why they survived. Let’s help people in their breaking point, cause we might reach ours too, and they might be there to be for us too. Of course we should help and not expect in return. The positive feeling is, when we help other people, there’s something in us that grows deep within — not pride, but it’s the kindness of our hearts that goes deeper when we reach out to others.

Share this blog if you feel it too! Ü

Till next time,
Ciao! ^_^v


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