My days at the Gym

Tomorrow will be my fifth (5th day) at the gym. Back in April 22 (Monday), that day was my first time to ever enter a gym. Well nobody told me to do so. And well, I think I’ve been jogging and running for quite some time and I wanted to burn calories during the day.

Well almost a month before, I decided to go to a diet, to cut some of the unwanted fats, that was on March 4, a day after my birthday, I didn’t lose weight but at least my tummy isn’t as big as it was before. Then on the third week, I decided to do intense and more frequent jogging. I run every night before going to work, like two (2) to three (3) times a week. Well, there has been an improvement, but still I’m not satisfied with it.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

So there, although I’m clueless on how they get things done at the gym, I’ve decided to get in. Being the dumbest of the dumbest gym-goer, I’m thankful I didn’t hurt myself on my first day. I almost broke a machine when I tried to pull the lift to its limit, thanks to the machine operator that fixed it right away or else, my fingers might have been stuck there.

On my third day, I tried to focus on my endurance. A 30 minute on the treadmill felt good! Afterwhich, I did a 30 minute cardio and then I jumped to the stationary bike. I didn’t do well on the SB since I felt uncomfortable on it. LOL..

On the fourth day, I tried to go extreme and try every machine that I can, but I tried the leg exercise thing and the heavy lift for abs, and I felt like dying LOL.. I know it’s not enough to burn my target calories, but at least, I have done the first step — entering the gym.

So tomorrow will be my fifth day on hitting the same gym.. Wish me luck, and I wish everyone happiness, joy and wellness, and of course LOVE.. Ü

Till next time,
Ciao! ^_^v


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