We always have a CHOICE

3n9qrfpcs69dtfq0ha8mybim4kkyadpxI do believe we never run out of choices in life, maybe there will be a time in some point that we are left with no choice but there has always been an opposite side to anything, and the fact is, some people can flip anytime they want, [and yes, I count myself as one of those people].

Proof is, we can be afraid if we allow fear enter our mind and soul. We can love if we put our guards down, if we reduce hate, love can develop, now, the thing to ask is which side are you at.

Good or bad? Choose to be good, it is much consoling than knowing that you exist to devastate and to make others suffer.

Truth or lies? Choose truth over lies, it’s sometimes harder to speak but it’s the better side of anything.

Love or hate? Choose love so life will be easier to live.

Others or yourself? Some people choose themselves over others, but the thing is, you will never feel complete if you are always thinking about your own good/welfare. Sometimes, it pays off to give a piece of yourself to others.

We have a choice if we wanted to bury ourselves with a bitter heartache after a devastating heartbreak. But the thing is, it doesn’t get you anywhere unless you understand why are you feeling something. You gotta learn from what you feel, from what others feel to make lessons valuable, otherwise, those will be senseless thoughts.

Anyone can be a hero and a villain. The choice is yours, if what role you would play in this battle called LIFE.
Till next time,
Ciao! ^_^v


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