Thousand Steps Away From You


A Poem By: Maria Elena P. Bitare

I kept asking myself why
While you’re loving me right
And your arms just wont come
won’t hug me tight

No powerful love at my door
No answer left fighting for
Cause you’re gone and I cried
Cause I knew how I’ll die

I feel bad and never better
Looks sweet but tastes bitter
I wish I knew my heart is breaking
And yes, it was really aching

Cause the time always goes on
And I was stuck in your song
If I could stop my steps away from you
I would take a deep breath and think anew

As much as I wanted to hate myself
It appears that I had been deaf
Not hearing what your heart says
I just have regrets to ruin my days

I just gotta move on and on and on
But tears just won’t say I’m torn
Falling, stumbling, cold as stone
I’ll be better later or never cause I was wrong


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