The Confused Post

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Today, I’m too confused to write, and yet, I still did. Sometimes, I see myself as an undefinable asshole. I don’t want to write, but I still did. I don’t want to sleep after I post this, but yes, I will.

Words are not enough
Inner conflicts and emotions sometimes are as hard as rock to express. I just find it sometimes frustrating, that I can’t put my emotion to words, something that I usually do. But today was really different that I just let it flow.

The inner conflict thing takes over
Speaking of inner conflicts, for weeks now, I have suppressed myself. Totally controlling even my own emotions, and I find it tiring. So i decided that from now on. I’ll just let the stream flow. Cause sooner or later, it will be gone, anyway. What I’m talking about? Guess what it’s a dark side. Not a dark or evil force, not devious. But I think I can illustrate it as a dark room where I go when I feel like. I haven’t been there for a long time now. But yes, I’ll make peace with myself.

My thoughts are as blurred as blur
Obviously, my mind is not clear at this moment. It’s like the thoughts are not complementing each other. Too much to say that I might get you confused that I would just like to post this blog as “Untitled due to Confusion” or “The Confused Post” whichever.


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