Understanding the Misunderstood

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be misunderstood?
Do you know someone who has been misunderstood?

It’s not a nice feeling to begin with. To feel that no one sees the goodness in you, no one sees the real you, all they see is what they wanted to paint their eyes. From a misunderstood person’s point of view, it could be a suffering that they have been familiar with.

Maybe he thinks that because his hairstyle is different, people treat him totally different. Maybe because his color is different from the natives, they treat him an alien. Maybe because the way he act is different from what they want to see, he is alienated. Maybe because he dresses differently, he is a weirdo. Maybe because he has something that they don’t, he should be an outcast. Maybe because he has a dark past, he should be alone. Those could be the today’s society’s ruthless excuses.

Some people has to be reminded that learning the facts before judging SHOULD be done. It pays off to understand one’s misunderstood feelings. You never know if the person sitting next to you at a bus stop had been misunderstood for the rest of his life. If you’ll just see things the way he does, you’ll understand his pain. Walk a day in his shoes, you’ll feel how it is to walk in his path.

The next time we meet someone who’s being misunderstood, let’s try to understand them first by being a good friend. Understanding them will never hurt.


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