We can now write

A writer’s mind on a deep musing

Each of us has something in common than makes us alike. For singers, they have a common

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

passion for music, although they may differ in styles, pitch, but still the fact remains, they can sing. So as to writers, we have different styles, but we do have one thing in common – a mind to think. We might be all irritated to noises while writing, or while getting into the writing mood. But we all have that “thoughts attack”.

Each writer could have different stories and way of getting into writing, but we all have that one “stare” when we thought of something to write. I remember a time when we were riding a taxi when I thought of something to write, and I was misunderstood as a Kill Joy perk, because I was stuck at the moment when they were throwing jokes on me, and I couldn’t tell them that I have something in mind. I don’t usually tell people that I write. My co-workers know it, but not all people.

And just like a normal person, we all have love interests. We all have that one person that we can’t get out of our mind. That if they can only see what’s in our mind, they may drown from the imagination we do have.

As for a writer’s mind that maybe an ocean deep, there are times when we can think of nothing. That no matter how we push ourselves to write something, it feels as if there’s no use in pushing ourselves. I do believe we should not push ourselves in writing anything, just wait for the perfect time, when we’re in the perfect mood and when thoughts enter our mind, that’s it!

We can now write.



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