Bidding goodbye to my office friends

For a moment, I said to myself, this is it. After 2 years and 5 months of staying in the company, I’m leaving.

I had a one-on-one coaching with my superior and because of the health related issues that occurred during graveyard shift, I finally decided that I needed a break. I needed rest.

It was just last week when I had a high fever and I can barely talk, can barely eat, I had a strep throat. Then there were rashes all over my body. I was sick for 7 days, and off-duty for 4 days.

So how about that?

I will be filing my resignation letter tomorrow although I wanted to stay in our company. My last day at work will be on the 30th. So I still have time to spend working with my colleagues, they’re one of the most kindest people I have ever worked with. I got along well with almost all of my colleagues, except for one, that one is exceptional.

I tell my office friends that I still have days left and I will be leaving the company, my two seatmates, punched me in my arm. I am sure that I’m gonna miss my workmates.

I forwarded a song of Leann Rimes, Please Remember for it has the message that I wanted to tell them. “Though we go our separate ways I won’t forget so don’t forget The memories we made”. Then, there was a sweet girl who sent me the song “Remember me this way” and I was deeply touched.

I know that once I get out of this, I’m gonna miss being one in their pact. I’m gonna miss sitting beside them, chatting on Skype. I’m gonna miss sending them songs that I’ve downloaded on 4shared. I’m gonna miss sharing a piece of me with them everyday.

They are the people who I have been around for 2 years. Those people who were nice and kind. Those people who I am thankful for being my friends.

Goodbye friends, till we meet again.

Yours truly,
Lena Girl
aka Lenanoid



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