The blues of the lonely tree

Photo Credit: Bella Caparros
Photo Credit: Bella Caparros

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I stand alone in the vast water
Felt like waiting here forever
The lonely lake said “Hello”
Mind to join and feel the flow?

I said “I can’t, cause I stand still”
The lake said “Okay, no big deal”
Days had gone by, we became friends
Sharing stories til the day ends

One day I thought I could love her
The deep feelings I had start to fonder
Then one day came, the lake said
She’ll love me till we’re both dead

Each day came and we loved truly
I felt like I’m the happiest tree
The birds and the sun smiles at us
They know the longer this love will last

Then my nightmare came, one summer day
My lake dried, no water, nothing at the bay
I just cried and cried till I feel nothing
Up to this day, I am still mourning.


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