Second to the last day of Work

Tomorrow will be my last day at work, so I took advantage of taking pictures with my officemates, because I will miss them. Here are our shots:

Me and My MS Officemates (2011-2013)
Me and My MS Officemates (2011-2013)

Upper Photos and Bottom Left Photo: I am with Corrine Gabaleno (the one who sent me the song Remember Me This Way when she knew I am resigning from my post) and Mary Jane Jamisola (one of my close friends in the office)

I’ve blogged about them too.

Lower Left Photo: I’m with Jun Remolin Jr. (I’m gonna miss his carbonara. He cooks well, and I’m gonna miss our conversations about our love lives … kkkk )

Middle Photos: I’m with Ate Ella (Estrella Maga Arabis), My Office Bestfriend. We have shared 2 years of laughter, I mean literal laughter, I’m gonna miss the way we make fun, and our trippings. (She’s the only one who can understand that) Haha..

Middle Most Photo: I’m with Kiel Reyes (one of the coolest friends that I had in our office)

Ate Ella and Kiel had been an inspiration to my poem Deep and Misunderstood and the article Understanding the Misunderstood

Me and Ate Ella
Me and Ate Ella

I’m gonna miss these people. I wish them the best.


Your Lenanoid
Aka Lena Girl

Lena, me, myself and I
Lena, Lenanoid, Lena Girl and Lenlen

3 thoughts on “Second to the last day of Work

  1. Hello my friends and Wpler students.My Wpadresse has changed please write an email with your email address you all me briefly thank you…


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