In Your Eyes, I Melt

One afternoon,
me and a wonderful poet Ms. Arvhee
of the Blog
In My Metaphorical Room
wrote a Poetry Duet.

It was my first  time, it was her second time.
Now it’s time to rhyme :

In Your Eyes I Melt
A Poetry Duet by:
Maria Elena Bitare and Ms. Arvhee

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

I said hello, you turned and waved
Like a love that had me saved
Then you looked into my eyes
And rescued me with your fire

ArVhee 01:
Beneath that love
and celebrated feast
Silent, blindly veined
Lives, lets and bets

Swayed and still
Touch and feel
Once lost now found
Once broken now whole

ArVhee 02:
Equivocal, they’ve in common
two around one
whatever we must own
cannot be fathomed

Lena03 (End)
I’m bound to know you
We’re coming to dreamland
Caught and now set free
Love that’s meant to be

(the end)

I had a great time, thanks Ate Arvhee 🙂


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