The Win or Lose Game

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I’ll pour my heart out
I’ll sing out loud
Even if my heart gets broken
Even if my voice be taken

Even if I lose you
I’ll still lose anyway
Even if you win
You already have me

Pitiful and unfair
I need you to pull me
Cause anytime I can give up
Anytime I can lose my heart in your hands

The Win or Lose Game

7 thoughts on “The Win or Lose Game

      1. Martian Poet says:

        haha.. you so so kind.. look one of my poem.. where i wrote.. i lost the game for her.. and this poem lead me to write a duet with one of the fellow blogger girl… she pleaded she wont allow let her win the game.. she pleaded to win my words written for her … “She asked me to write…” this is the poem in my blog 🙂 always girls bound to loose it for guys.. always guys want to loose it for girls..this is good 🙂


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