“Share love by the Seashore”

Here’s my second poetry duet.

“Share love by the Seashore”

A Poetry Duet by:
Maria Elena Bitare and Martian Poet,
author of blog: http://itspoet.wordpress.com/

Lena 01:
The pieces of sand in the seashore
The sun set and I’m so sure
The breezing air that surrounds
We start singing, Love was now found

Martian Poet 01:
The seashore comes near you,
Our feet touches the shore,
Water slips away,
Gentle breeze takes the breathe

Lena 02:
One step away from the water
One step closer to forever
The romantic flow of air
Touches your skin and soft hair

Martian Poet 02:
The air touches the velvet hair
Our hands take the space together
We are united as one in front the shore,
Who does care if we are here, now and then, and forever


(the end)

It was a great experience. Thanks Martian Poet! šŸ™‚


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