Come Home

It was an almost perfect story. Like a beautiful woman left untouched. Like a hidden cave in the midst of a savage forest – left unexplored. A beautiful melody left unheard.

There was a girl who promised to a boy. Her name is Cristy, he is Adam. “I will love you until my heart stops beating. I will let you know and let you feel how I feel this love. I will love you forever ” — She vowed to him with tears.

Everything was perfect. Everything that surrounds seems so surreal. Strange and unreal. Like a happy every after in real life.

It was Cristy who always text Adam first. It was the norm. She will always be the one to ask how his day was. One morning came. While Adam is at work, Cristy had sent him text messages, reminding him of her love. She did it hour after hour. For the first four-hour, she had sent her text messages as if she’s reminiscing of the day they met. She reminded him of all their firsts.

He kept working. Then he thought to bring her flowers when he get home, then he’ll take her out to a fine restaurant. That was his plan.

It’s 3 o’clock. 2 hours behind his out. She’s still sending him text messages. At the hour of 4, she didn’t send a text message. He assumed that she was just preparing, maybe she’s cooking. That’s what he thought.

What he didn’t know. At the hour of 4, Cristy composed a text message saying she can’t breathe easy. But then, Cristy fell off the ground. She had a heart attack.

He lost her. Upon entering their home, he saw her. He can’t feel her pulse. He just broke down. His love, forever lost.

At the funeral, he can’t utter any other word, except for “It wasn’t hard to love her” He cried again.

Then a song played


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