She Became A Goth

I’ve known a girl. She was jolly, easy to get along with, light-hearted. Her name is Jahzeel. She said her parents got her name as a combination of theirs. Her father’s name is Jasper, her mother’s Ziele.

“That’s how they thought of your name?” I said
She just nodded.
“They’re brilliant.”
“Your name is a beautiful one” I added
She just smiled.

She has a boyfriend. Not her first in her entire life. He was her second boyfriend. She said she was not serious about her first boyfriend, that’s why after a month, they broke up.

Her present boyfriend’s name is Gerald. They get along well, according to her. Then she began to tell a story. They had been together for almost 3 years. It was their 33rd monthsary. I mean, they had been 2 years and 9 months when a day came.

It was that morning when she never wanted to wake up. A news came to her. The words she never wanted to hear. Gerald was riding a motor with his best-friend, Jay, when they were hit by a truck. His best-friend luckily survived, but Gerald was dead on the spot. He didn’t make it to the hospital. She wanted to collapse. But she didn’t. She just wished it was all a nightmare.

Until the day of the funeral, she had been crying all along. There was nobody she can talk to about the pain that lingers in her heart. Not because nobody was there, but, it was way too deep to put into words.

Weeks pass by. Not a single word she can utter.

Then there was a day when she was asked to sing on stage. Because she used to sing before. She was a talented girl – that she might have forgotten because of the pain in her heart.

She let it out. As she sang the song “My Immortal” tears began to flow, not only in her eyes, but in everyone’s eyes for they know what had happened to her.

A year had passed by. I saw her in-front of Gerald’s grave. Seems like she was talking to him while she was wearing a black dress. Like the color she wear everyday. Black.

Years have passed by, she remained that way. I said to myself “She became a goth”


9 thoughts on “She Became A Goth

  1. Christina ~ says:

    This is my story. For real. Only I had 20 years and three children. He was alone on the bike when it happened. This song is mine as well….

    When shrouded in absolute black…the only thing left…is to look for the light….


    • Lenanoid says:

      Hi Christina, I’m sorry for your loss. And by writing this story, I had partially felt the pain that you have undergone during those times.

      You’re right, sometimes, how we see life is in pitch black, and to look for the light is our only hope that our vision may be lightened.

      I wish you goodluck in life, and love. May God always bless you and may you, as well as your children, find your happiness. Best of luck!


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