Just Got Engaged

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

One look in your eye
One hold of your hand
Love and magic speak

To infinity and beyond
To the stars and sweet sound
Your voice I so long to hear

I wish I could take you
To my world, everything is for you
Cause you are my world, my everything

I wish I could make you see
I wish I could make you feel
I wish you could feel the love I feel in my heart

It’s strange but true
Feels like I’m in a dream, but in reality it’s you
You take me high and low, with this love so strong

This moment we have now
I wish I could freeze, play and rewind
Guess you didn’t see, you have a beautiful mind

Forever’s been a dream, now it’s real
To look in your eyes and see everything I need
Forever’s to hope for, forever’s to dream

With your forever, my heart is in your hands
From the day we met, I felt this in time
In the right time, at the right place, your forever’s mine.


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