Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

Writing Lane


MOVIE TITLE: Beautiful Creatures
GENRE: Fantasy Romance
DATE RELEASED: 2/14/2013

I’ve watched this movie few months ago, while I was still working at night. I’ve watched with my friends. Although we were watching the movie thru our own PCs (maybe now, you get what I mean).

This movie is about a caster, a caster is one who recites magical spells, and there was something about the thunder and the lighting in their area. Her name was Lena. Lena hasn’t reached her “deciding age” although there has  been predictions on her future verdict, that she will be a dark caster. It was obvious that she has a bright and strong soul.

At the end of the movie, Lena erased her memories from Ethan, her love interest. And at the end of the story, Lena has been a half bright, half dark caster.

Overall,  I would rate this movie a rate…

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