Caught in between worlds

What happens if you’re a nocturnal creäture since birth and your body demands you to work in the morning? Yes. You’re now officially caught between two worlds.

You can’t be working in the evening because your body will pull your stats down by the absences because you’re gonna get sick. Meanwhile, you can work in the morning but the thing is, it will feel different.

Because being a nocturnal, your mind operates well while it’s dark time. While majority of the people are falling asleep, that’s the time when your brain is sparkling with ideas. So in the morning, your brain is nothing as a chicken stock.

Being caught between two worlds is a feeling like being between anything. You’re in between hot and cold. No choice but to adopt to anywhere you’ll go to.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Illustration A is for those people who are nocturnal, yet are asked to go to a day-shift job. Whereas, Illustration B is for the opposite, those morning people who are asked to go on a night-shift. Both are in a difficult state.



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