F1 is for help

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

When you press the F1 button on your computer keyboard, Windows Help and Support will pop up.

But in life, is there anyone who ask us if we need help? My friends ask me how I am but no one has dared to ask when I needed help. There was no one. Why? Because maybe I always laugh. I always look ok. If I cry, I do it alone.

It was just few weeks ago. I’m talking to a customer with so many complaints about the service. We were talking for more than 30 minutes already and my team leader knows that I typically handle calls for 3 minutes, 10-15 minutes for those complaint calls.

He then went to my back and said “Do you need help”. I heard him but as I was too busy explaining to customer, I was not able to reply to him upfront. I just shook my head.

He was the first to ask me that. That meant a lot to me. I didn’t really needed help that time, but that moment, I appreciated him. To know that someone is willing to help me.

There were those times when I needed help and asked other people, and I was rejected. I became used to it. That took me to appreciate him.

After I have completed my clearance a day ago, I sent a text message to him as courtesy. I told him he’s the sweetest team leader I had. He is really the sweetest manager I’ve worked with.

Those people who help other people sometimes also need people who are willing to help them.


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