Who’s selfish?

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Recently, me and my special someone celebrated our first anniversary.

On Saturday, we are on the same place, but not together. For some reason, he didn’t travel back with me. He came with his friends. I was hurt when he just sent a text that he’s not going with me, as if I was his mother. He didn’t even ask if it’s okay with me.

The devastation began. On my way home, I was crying the entire night. To the point that I didn’t care what might people think of me. I needed to let it out.

The following morning, I sent him a sarcastic text with the word “Mr. Selfish”. I thought he was selfish when he didn’t go with me. The reason – it was the only time when we can talk. We were both busy and it was the only time. Yet it passed. He said sorry right after I sent him the text.

I was embarrassed the whole day. That night, I was walking alone. I told him that I’m still upset.

While walking, I was realizing some things as if my conscience is talking to me. I asked myself if I still love him and I said yes. “Then forgive him” my conscience speaks. I suddenly realized things and concluded that I am the one being selfish.

I was devastated when I realized that there were times when he came home alone. Yet I didn’t hear anything from him.

“Don’t leave the person who didn’t leave you in a “literally” heavy storm, just because he failed to come home with you” – my conscience said.

Right then and there, reconciliation happened. We were okay. It pays to not complain much, isn’t it?


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