Down & Defeated

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I’m gasping for my breath
While you count the days ahead
There’s nothing much more to say
I wish we could forever stay

I cried alone outside
As if the air can understand my pain
As if I can just put this love aside
As if my heart can still beat tonight

Cuts from my left to your right
And my pulse is on the line
And you believed that I was all fine
Not seeing that I had cuts all over my hand

I thought you will be my eye
But you take away my sight
And threw me down while I was blind
And that free fall took away my life.


8 thoughts on “Down & Defeated

  1. I feel your pain bleeding out onto this poem and I understand it. Thank you for sharing your writing and feelings with us.


    1. Thanks for your comment. To love is in our control, although we can choose whom to love but not whom to fall in love with. To be loved, I believe, is beyond our control. It’s with the person’s choice to give love in return or ignore our efforts. Don’t lose hope. You can love all people around you. Just keep on 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words again. 🙂
      I still miss my mom and will always miss her. 🙂


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