Lessons I learned from Watching Basketball

Writing Lane

As a blogger, I have observed and got to ponder some things while watching live ball games. As I was watching UNTV Cup games, I have observed and learned some things, such follows:

1. When you have the chance to make it, go for it.

Don’t hesitate. I rarely see players doubt while playing. It’s like each time they can get the ball and shoot it, they do. So in real life, I think that should be our mindset. If you have the chance to do something, moreso if it’s good, let it happen.

2. If you fail, at least try again.

If the ball doesn’t make it to the basket, try again. If a player don’t try the second time, there will be no success. So knowing when to try again and when to stop sometimes is the key. In life, we should at least learn to not give…

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