My First Book

Just last week, I was so happy as my first book was published. Although it was not through a publisher. Because I don’t have much money, I had to print it on my own and have it book-bind.

Here in the Philippines, you have to pay the publishing house and the bookstore for them to sell your book. So there goes my remedy.

I have dreamed for this for 13 years.

When I was 13 years old, I wrote my first poems. There was a funny story behind it though. I was heartbroken by that time and the only way I could let it out is to write poems. So there. After writing five poems, I got an idea to write a lot of poems and have it published someday.

It was my secret dream. I didn’t tell anybody. Even my mother haven’t known about it. I asked my mom to keep my four notebooks full of poem, but then, it got lost. So I got discouraged.

In 2012, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I opened a blog the day I knew it. Because I knew that I’m going to need to write again to let it out. Things turn out different. The pain that I felt was solely great that writing didn’t help.

Few months had passed, I recovered the life in me that I almost lost. I didn’t close my blog as I tried to write about the things that come to my mind.

Then, inspiration comes. I was able to write poems again. So I compiled the poems and had it in a book.

I have included the collaboration poems I hadΒ with some poets here in WordPress.

Now it’s for sale πŸ™‚

My first book (c) Lenanoid

My first book (c) Lenanoid










I’m not selling it for profit. I sell it so I share my passion.

Thanks be to God for He allowed this to happen.


7 responses to “My First Book

  1. Inspiration there. I’ve been lucky enough to have have five of my poems published in anthologies over the years but am now looking towards Kindle and e-publishing for some of my own poetry collections. About time really. Been doing it long enough.


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