Into Deep

I’m not into deep
But when I look at you
I see the storm’s coming
I hear the waves roaring
I feel the rain flowing
Each stare feels like current
Like against your tide I swim
And I’m electrified and into deep
Coz I know you’re just a dream


23 thoughts on “Into Deep

      1. Thank you so much 🙂

        I’m humbled by those words of yours 🙂 Your site is great too 🙂 I wish we (WP bloggers) could meet in person but we’re far from each other physically, so here’s my virtual hug for you \(^o^)/


      2. OMG I was just saying that if we all could get together from all over the world. You know we could start a hang out. LOL That would be fun I need to check into that! 😀 Have a super day/evening wherever you call home! 😀 Huge hugs and remember how awesome you are! 😀 Always!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes it is! And WP has a way to connect people who are extremely physically far from each other, and that’s by us sharing our thoughts and emotions thru our posts and thru other people 🙂


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