“267,580,800 SECONDS”

I was trying to rewrite
A love story that’ll never come back
Mornings that will not happen again
But will age with a broken fence

You said I put colors in your life
But as time pass by
You take away my colors
Til I’m black and white

But I’m not numb to feel
I’m just dumb to think
Does age excuse my foolishness?
Does experience explain your fondness?

Thrice the pain when you said hello again
I was like a machine that can’t reciprocate
So I write in a poem to throw my feelings away
It can no longer be us, at the end of the day

74,328 hours I spend thinking
But even a split second won’t get me anything
The value I gave to our moments together
Is the same price I’m paying to get you off my head



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