Have I got my May wrecked
On the twentieth when you stepped
Did it forward to his February
Does silence gives me a sanctuary?

Will you dump the cloth if not mine?
Why am I feeling wasted over time?
And on a white car
Do crossroads give rewind

And if my feet got sprained
Will there be someone to get here
Will he bring a bottle of iced tea
Paired with biscuits and cold drink

Will he get in an office Wednesda-te?
And see me laugh, see my eyes at night late
Will he wet his hair in rain?
And wait for my sweet revenge?

If my memory serves me right
You should have not left that night

But I ran first and left you crying
Now, what makes sense is really nothing


8 thoughts on “‘Nothing’

    1. Thanks, Yoshiko 🙂

      These last days, I was reaaaally silence as I was sick – physically 🙂 I had encountered palpitations. That’s why I had been silence 🙂

      But everything is okay. Just my health is not. Hehehe. I hope you’re doing well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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