Full Stop

Days before I wrote this, I had been thinking of shutting down my blog OR not fully shutting it, but to stop writing poetry.

I’m planning to save poems for a fifth drafted book called FULL STOP. That’s what I’ve been thinking. But I’ll sure miss poetry. It was my first love back when I was in elementary.

For a change, I kept a diary. I lodge daily events in my life. Only due to stressful times or stressful work (nothing to do with people, but because it’s numbers) I find it hard to write daily.

During my break OR after I stop writing, I might find myself reading books of novels, poetry or any genre I like.

When I read the poems I made year ago, I was quite disappointed, having the fact that I hate my own works, so I decided to take a full stop to improve or to fully stop it.

But anyways, writing has always been my relief. I might not take a full stop. But I enjoyed my stay here in WordPress.


8 thoughts on “Full Stop

  1. Jem Croucher says:

    Don’t go. I’ve had many a day over the many years I’ve been writing when I didn’t think it was worth continuing with it. But I’m really pleased I never listened to myself. I’m stubborn like that! Writing is now as much a part of me as I’m a part of me. And being able to share this via Jemverse is, I consider, a bonus. Bottom lime – whenever a ‘Red Box’ email pops into my inbox, I’ll always look forward to reading it – it’s one of those little pleasures in life…

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  2. Alan McDonald says:

    People of poetry live in a slightly different world and one that touch’s emotions at the core. Therefore, we are prone to hurt and confusion sometimes as we question many things in this world. Many of which border on insanity and subjects of huge questions. Most of what I have read about your poetry shows a young person with so many good, very good questions. Keep writing and you will only get better.


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