I dreamt of my late mom

Last Tuesday, while I was at work, I took 1 hour lunch to sleep.

Around 4am, I went to the sleeping quarter. I dreamt of my mother.

In my dream, we were at home, she was wearing her usual house dress. It was daytime in my dream. There was a guy who knocks. He knocks and call outs to buy ice. As I was having trust issues, I asked her if I would open the door. She looked outside, seems analyzing the guy. She told me to open the door.

I didn’t know I was dreaming. My brother suddenly appeared in my dream. When I saw him, it’s like he reminded me that our mom is already gone. I was awaken by that thought. My head hurts when I woke up. I overslept by 18 minutes. It was still dark when I woke up.

I miss her a lot.


3 thoughts on “I dreamt of my late mom

  1. always tough to lose your mother. I love when departed ones come to us in a dream. Sorry you miss her so. Just close your eyes and imagine she is with you because she is.


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