Short Thoughts

So here’s a compilation of my short thoughts late this month, you can also check it out with some designs at my page:

Some are about love, some are about life, some are positive, some are negative, so just go through it. Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Smile like there’s no tomorrow.

♥ Love the heart that loved you at your worst.

♥ In the middle of uncertainties and hopeless, life gave me such a wonderful person like you, and that which is I’m thankful for.

♥ It’s funny how you can fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

♥ And then you meet one person and your life changes. Forever.

♥ When you finally meet the one, no one could tell you that.. You’ll just feel it.

♥ There’s no water but I’m already drowning — in your LOVE.

♥ My heart breaks a little when you ignore me.

♥ Ever since I looked into your eyes, I was helpless since then.

♥ You make me feel perfect.

♥ Love is not about being always together, Perhaps, it’s about how I can’t stop thinking of you when you’re not around.

♥ PLEASE don’t fall for another heart, for it will surely break mine.

♥ I can’t stop thinking about you while you can’t stop looking at her.. Do you know how bad that feels? Yes, you have no idea.

♥ You have no idea how I feel this love with my heart.

♥ How long will you wait just to hear another “I love you” from him?

♥ There’s an empty space in my heart that only your stare has filled.

♥ I can endure the pain I feel just so I can see you smile.

♥ I don’t know what’s on your mind right now, but how I wish it’s me.

♥ Love is sending him messages although you know he might not reply.

♥ Forget what other people think and JUST LOVE ME.

* I shut up because I don’t feel like talkin’ #attitude

* Have patience. Pain won’t last. Love will. Don’t give up.

* When you give someone your time, you give them something you can’t get back. And it’s also a reminder of how important they are — in your life.

* If you feel like giving up, always remember: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually, it will..

* Real Compassion is doing good to others who can’t pay us back.

* Sometimes you just have to trust and stop worrying.

* You will be alright.

* Sorry but I refuse to be called what you call “normal”.

* Every life has a story to tell, what’s yours?



  1. Are the composites on the link all your poems as well?????????


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