Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be
feeling this way,
Because maybe, just maybe
We just thought that it was meant to be
When it should never have started
To begin with.


Forbidden Forces

How can someone be so numb
To not feel such powerful existence
On its back and had to succumb
The cliché of everything in its essence

Sparks fly and forces in and around
You were like a rose left in a garden
Of throne, darkness and found
Yet, you are that forbidden



It’s funny how a look in his eye
has changed everything past your life

Ironically, it’s insanely funny how a look,
a glance in his eyes
to a stranger beside
can change everything,

including your goals and plans
and your future was ruined in an instant.


The Dark Arises

Ashes burn
Firing Cold
Water runs dry
A story untold

The blues kill me
Emotions mixed
Tears filling my pillow
My heart feels so shallow

I hate to see your shadow
I have gone through a dark mellow

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images



I hear you talkin’
The rants you keep on saying
And it’s me you’re suspecting
How can we turn into nothing?

I see you saw me going
And the bags I’m packing
Are at the front door waiting
Since September evening

The roses you gave were cut and stepped
Its beauty and power no longer has effect
How can you be so selfish when we’re not even meant
You better keep loving as you watch me leaving

I love you
But you love yourself too much
So how about me?


Dark Room

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

A Dark Room
And a line of light
I see from the window
As I lie sorrowed

Tears starts to flow
As the thoughts began to storm
My head was taken by the rain
It was not winter;
but my heart got frozen

If only cuts would stop these tears
If only bruises will take away my fears
But no, it wouldn’t do me anything
Just had me lying in this dark room forever.



A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I’ll keep the venom
inside my veins
I’ll keep the screams
I’ll burn my daydream

I’ll let my silence speak
Till my tears run deep
Until you see yourself alone
Away from what you know home

Loneliness is calling me every night
I open the door and let it in everytime
You seem to not know what’s going on
Yet you’re always on my mind running like a marathon.


Shaded Tears ​

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare​

Silent moment
Tears that were frozen
Made up to isolate
Dark memories, lost fate

In the staircase
A lonely lady’s face
Those silent tears
Those loud fears

In pain, she walked with a smile
With a shade in her eyes, for a while
No one saw her red eyes
No one saw her cry

So she looked into the mirror
Her red eyes are what for?
There’s no one to talk to
No one to share the blue


Lonely Prison

A Poem By: Maria Elena Bitare

Locked in a tower of sadness
She closed her heart in darkness
Her love chained by strong metal
There was no view of a petal

Her meadow seemed wrecked
There was no one to mend
There was  no one to run to
All her dreams counted to a few

Her thoughts fragmented in dim light
The girl who stands alone
in the middle of the night
Until when can you hear her song?