“When depression pays visit”

When your old friend knocks
At your bright green door,
I hope you aren’t at home

When your old friend whispers his thoughts
And tells you to touch that blade,
I hope you don’t listen

When your old friend looks you in the eye and tells you
You aren’t enough;
You don’t belong here;
You cannot be loved;
I hope you don’t agree with him

When your old friend asks to touch your heart
And takes away every piece of feeling you have
I hope you won’t let that happen

In case all of these things happen –

I hope you wake up in the morning
Thinking things can still change
I hope you see beauty in everything around you.

Lastly, I hope the universe becomes kind enough
To embrace your damaged soul and broken bones.



It’s funny how a look in his eye
has changed everything past your life

Ironically, it’s insanely funny how a look,
a glance in his eyes
to a stranger beside
can change everything,

including your goals and plans
and your future was ruined in an instant.

It Was Written For You

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

Love Letters
Sunny Weather
They were written for you

My broken heart
My melancholic part
They were made for you

Depends on how you’ll fix me
And how you’ll make me feel
Of how you’ll take care of me




Beautiful Loneliness

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

She wanted to roar
to let out the pain
But she can’t
She said to herself, she can’t

They won’t understand
Only the rain can
She just kept in silence
She let it in

Till she drowned in her emotions
Like in the bottom of the ocean floor
She’s a pathetic girl that I know
A girl whom your eyes will see as she go


The Pain

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

(Originally posted on Poet’s Corner)

How do you escape the pain
That echoes from within?
Her heart torn apart
Pieces burnt from the start

Never felt worse, she can’t get out of bed
Can’t put the pieces together
Her broken heart cries and cries
Till there’s no words to describe