And she turned herself to a snow
Because she knows
It was the only way
She can touch his face
And make him blush

And she came around
Even if not wintertime
And with all wonder,
His face asked,

But there were no words
She just continue to fall



He was just like a sunset
Beautifully peaceful
Calming in every sense
He was an ending
Of a beautiful day
And a dawning
Of a lonely night

And she,
She was an ocean
Always calling for his name
But when he finally arrives
Takes a minute or two to stay,

And at night,
She just shine
Knowing her love is gone
She roars the tides
Some drown in her
Some live
She roars, regardless
For the love it will see again
But never stay


You were just like the darkness in a tunnel
I once walked in…
There was a clue I will be getting in there,
Then one fine day
I was inside that tunnel
I saw you
Your chest,
I do not get to see first
And so I came
Little by little
I saw
I never get to see everything that will follow
But who cares
You were my home
And now
You are a closed door
And I,
A tenant waiting outside
Waiting for the doors to open
But you were locked
So I stayed
Kissed the rain
Felt the sun lighting on my face
Days and days passed
There was a notice
That you were never going to open
And so I smiled
And one fine day
Waited still
For the rays of the sun
For the rain to drop
I can’t tell the difference anymore
between a sunny and a rainy day
Between summer and winter
I can barely tell
Everything felt
Just the same
Before you came,

On our way out

One day, I walked past a road
Then get stuck in a tunnel of black
Real black darkness,
Sadness, therein.
And on the mid-road of the tunnel
I saw those eyes speaking red
Glaring fumes of sadness in bed
I saw his empty chest; his heart being taken out
By a monster that had disappeared way past;
A memory which haunted his dearest heart
I reached for my heart; though still bleeding
And touched his face as I gave him my heart
With glimmering bliss;
And on that tunnel we walked out both
We felt the light beaming in our faces
Suddenly our breathe were warm
We felt life again.
Love was there again.
Love has always been there.
I looked at my chest, it was empty.
I had no heart. It was already his.
It was his, in the first place.

In Your Eyes, I Melt

One afternoon,
me and a wonderful poet Ms. Arvhee
of the Blog
In My Metaphorical Room
wrote a Poetry Duet.

It was my first  time, it was her second time.
Now it’s time to rhyme :

In Your Eyes I Melt
A Poetry Duet by:
Maria Elena Bitare and Ms. Arvhee

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

I said hello, you turned and waved
Like a love that had me saved
Then you looked into my eyes
And rescued me with your fire

ArVhee 01:
Beneath that love
and celebrated feast
Silent, blindly veined
Lives, lets and bets

Swayed and still
Touch and feel
Once lost now found
Once broken now whole

ArVhee 02:
Equivocal, they’ve in common
two around one
whatever we must own
cannot be fathomed

Lena03 (End)
I’m bound to know you
We’re coming to dreamland
Caught and now set free
Love that’s meant to be

(the end)

I had a great time, thanks Ate Arvhee 🙂