I dreamt of my late mom

Last Tuesday, while I was at work, I took 1 hour lunch to sleep.

Around 4am, I went to the sleeping quarter. I dreamt of my mother.

In my dream, we were at home, she was wearing her usual house dress. It was daytime in my dream. There was a guy who knocks. He knocks and call outs to buy ice. As I was having trust issues, I asked her if I would open the door. She looked outside, seems analyzing the guy. She told me to open the door.

I didn’t know I was dreaming. My brother suddenly appeared in my dream. When I saw him, it’s like he reminded me that our mom is already gone. I was awaken by that thought. My head hurts when I woke up. I overslept by 18 minutes. It was still dark when I woke up.

I miss her a lot.

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“65 today, but not”

From her first walks to her first talks
Brought her parents so much joy
On her 12, she first carried crafts of her hands
On her shoulders she carried, to buy a land

And on her 20’s she dances and sang
On her town that she’s so known
As a girl who sings out loud
A girl with a golden heart so unfound

On her 30’s she bear children
One with golden hands of art
One with hands which had rhymes
One is painting, one is writing this

On her 40’s nearly 50’s she guarded them
Telling stories of her past and deep sentiments
Saying goodness, putting kindness
To her children, she taught meekness

And on her 60’s, she got sick, got her bone weakened
A bed and a box of medicine in a gloomy weekend
And on a Sunday she left, leaving her empty
A glimpse of her smiling is what had left her hoping

“October 10 is my mom’s supposed to be 65th birthday, but she left 2 years ago. I made this for her. To all of those who’s still with their mom, love them while they’re here. It’s hard to lose one. Cause you can never have another”

The WordPress Family Award


First of all, I am honored and humbled to be nominated for a WordPress Family Award. After being on WordPress for a year now, my special thanks goes to Christine Blackwell for nominating me for this awesome award.

Here are the rules:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
  • Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
  • Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

By the way, here are some pieces of information about me:
1. I love rain, waters, although I don’t know how to swim.
2. I could listen to the same song for 8 straight hours
3. Pink was not my favorite color. When I was in 3rd grade, it was my best-friend’s favorite color.
4. I was attracted to nerds. But I seem to be not their type, yet. My boyfriend is a nerd. 🙂
5. I find it hard to sleep at night, yet, when I’m at work (on a graveyard shift) I can sleep right away.
6. I don’t usually open up right away. I read people’s actions first.
7. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. 🙂

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