To the unreached dream

Broken dreams
Free spirit soars high

In the sky of hope
Kindles and tickles
Pieces on the floor
It will someday be whole

Fragments still defy
Echoes of mercy
In your life, lifts light

Your presence is a gift
It has been, as always..

(I wrote this yesterday for a friend. We had a nice talk about unattained dreams and hopes, but life goes on. I believe God has a greater plan and besides, it’s never too late. He said “Sometimes, you just have to motivate yourself, because there’s no one else to motivate you. I salute him. I think I just found a long lost brother in him.)


Air Bubble

In the skies is where I long to be
To be an air flowing freely
Passing by as the earth go round
Conquering mountains as I surround

And I joined my kind as we pass by
The group of air as we look down
Freely going, freely passing
Looking upon the land as in the skies I’ll be seeing

I’ll be a bubble in the air, giving you joy.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Just Try

Credits: Google Images
Credits: Google Images

When you seem tired and seem so lost
No where to find
Seems so restless, there’s no one you can call
Just Try.. there’s no ocean you can’t cross

When everything seems so wrong
Nothing ever seems to go on
I am just here
Just Try.. I’ll be here holding on

When there’s no love around
When no one seems to understand
Just Try.. and look up
He knows what’s in your heart

Don’t be too hard on yourself
I’ll be there on your darkest day
Just Try.. it’s okay to fall sometime
Cause everything will be alright

And when you can’t find your way home
Don’t lose your hope
You’ll soon keep going
Just Try.. and leave it all behind..


Special thanks to TL Junrey Ungria for lending me a pen and paper where I wrote this poem 🙂 

Blissful Love

A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

A better half he is,
To this heart of bliss
Sometimes dim, sometimes dark,
Sometimes cheerful, sometimes bright.

Trouble may come and go,
Problems may arise though
Fire can collide with water
Mixed with tears and hatred.

But at the end of the day,
It’s still you..
Only your cooling waters
Can calm my fiery heart
It has been you from the start

To the hope of the hopeless

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I dedicate this post to all people whom are now going through things that seem to defy their faith, lose their hope and give up on life.

I would like to bring somewhat a piece of hope to everybody who is losing theirs, but I know that saying words is just saying words, and action speaks a heavier lift. Sometimes, we face circumstances that are only chanced by life and death, and in some situations, we are conquered by our negative mind and the negative vibes. Life doesn’t end there. Just because there’s a rough flow in the waters, it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached the end point of the river. Just like the water that goes on, so as life.

There could be a time when we feel empty, hopeless, not sure of anything to come, and there, we could be fond of fears, full of tears, but we should see that hope isn’t limited to the possibilities of good times. Laughter doesn’t end when you cry.

Yes, it’s true sometimes that we never really know how strong we really are until it’s the only choice we have. We may sometimes go through tough times that we wanted to give up on everything that we held for a long time, but pain and sufferings has an end. So don’t ever give up. There’s a bright side for every dark spot. You just gotta find it in you. 🙂

Here’s to those who can’t find hope in hopelessness. Life is beautiful, Life is a gift. If you can’t find hope after you look around you, try looking up, a greater hope lies within what is beyond here 🙂