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They told me to come to my senses;
When they don’t know where I came from;
They didn’t know the road I took
The mishaps, the roadblocks I endured;
The bruises I got;
The sunshine I tried so hard to produce;
The pain I endured;
The touch of gold
I had to give myself;
They didn’t know how awoke I was;
As I dream with my eyes wide open;
And chill with flames;
I watch every paper burn;
Every feeling stained;
I burn every bridge I cross;
In my head;
Since I was a kid;
I was told
That I would die
If I don’t hold the end of a rope.

Untitled #3

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Poetry: Poems I Made
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I looked at the blinking lights
And I wished I knew what really matters.

Now or yesterday
Today or tomorrow
But nothing can give me the answer.

Would I be happier
Or depressant can kill the moment?

Nights came when she hates love
When she wished for food instead
She sighed and looked at her new book
She composed, then she threw her third look
Dracula on front cover
She’s going to read when she’s sober
Then thoughts of her last lines flashed
Should she take her full stop?
“I don’t need to be a millionaire” she pondered
But she thought “where could I be,
If hunger had dominated thee?

Broken dreams
Free spirit soars high

In the sky of hope
Kindles and tickles
Pieces on the floor
It will someday be whole

Fragments still defy
Echoes of mercy
In your life, lifts light

Your presence is a gift
It has been, as always..

(I wrote this yesterday for a friend. We had a nice talk about unattained dreams and hopes, but life goes on. I believe God has a greater plan and besides, it’s never too late. He said “Sometimes, you just have to motivate yourself, because there’s no one else to motivate you. I salute him. I think I just found a long lost brother in him.)


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I often ask why
Wondered from the depth of my soul

Could it be that destiny hear my calls
Will it shed a wish upon where water falls?

The tilt shift of colors burned my wall
And I astound, I wasn’t aware at all


What’s your choice?

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Poetry: Poems I Made
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Would you rather say hello
And forget your once thoughts
Or would you choose pain
And later be dead?


“Run after rain”

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We passed the trail
I saw an old train
And you told a story
Of your love gone debris

And that memory
I can’t deal entirely
So I left you talking
And draw a lane – walking

Yes, you cross the white lane
two steps closer to fame
When the game is over
You will no longer feel me

My tears got the rain falling
And I ran after them, calling
Fifty horse power won’t get me
Any man, anyone like you

I walked in the lane
Where you stand beside
The pits got me in
While you talk, I’m shattered

And I wondered why I can’t
Collapse and leave that card
We were so close walking
While my heart flies a distant taking

If you can see how unlikely
Your smile when you felt lucky
But I’m tossing your luck

My mind speaks so loud
I have to close my mouth

What does it says?
Baby you don’t know how to read

Scribble for fun

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“Rapunzel, let your hair down”

A prince said
I’m not Rapunzel
So I will nt let down my hair

I’m not a princess, I’m a slave
Working in front of numbers
And in the evening, I work with letters
Or maybe I’m just a princess, but just hidden


Husky eyes
They stared at me
Like a terror in the night
I’m being terrified

Soundwaves get so low
To where creatures howl
The thread inkling looks to thin
Cells explode to their looks within

Bluff, puff, bloody eyes
Don’t stare at me
I can get no sleep
Please let go of me


Nurture your gift
Don’t let it sleep
Grab a pen
Stare at a stem
Think of a story
No, don’t feel sorry
We are all little
But in our writings,
Everything can be better
Strong men can be brittle

Paint a face
Lift up a soul
Strike some lines
Bring them colorful rhymes
Put some color
Give them a nice odor
Splash positivity and be an author
Or be a painter and be the next Andy Warhol
No, don’t you give up
You can bring up someone

There were those things
By which we had naturally
Without someone teaching us
Words just rhyme unintentionally

They came to our hand
And then, there we came writing
I believe they came from a Being
I ll those things – natural gifts

In which I am thankful for

I can tame your beast
But you can’t tame my dragon
So how can we meet?

He looks at him
With envious eyes
It’s as if he asks himself why

He asks himself where is the love he had
He asks himself when will he find love

And he looked down
And fell his tears to the ground

He steps slowly
With a smile on his face
His happiness, so evident
His smiles were all over his face
He finally found his love
So when will I?

Ashes burn
Firing Cold
Water runs dry
A story untold

The blues kill me
Emotions mixed
Tears filling my pillow
My heart feels so shallow

I hate to see your shadow
I have gone through a dark mellow

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

A poetry duet by Lenanoid and Sherry:

Lena 01:

In a small world, here we meet
Running around in circles
With our hearts beating
Music plays while you’re sleeping

Sherry 01:

Around the clocks in every tics…
Mind wanders wide while the everybody’s on a slumber..
And I bother to dance in the wildest imaginings..
In the dungeons of secret musings..

Lena 02:

I was captivated before I even knew
In your eyes, I have found something true
My heart pounded fast as I see you
Still feels like you erase the blue

Sherry 02:

In each breathe that waves through you..
Is a trail of interlaced memories..
That waves in the pathways through heavens …
And breeze swiftly among the fields of cedars..
I would kiss in the wake of the cold morning

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


Please follow Sherry’s blog at
Her poems are beautiful and lovely 🙂

Walk like a Queen
Dress like a Slave
Work like a Princess
Looking forward for her Crown Jewel

There goes my feet again :D

There goes my feet again 😀

People speak when they want to
People act when they feel to
People say things that can tear you apart
But as long as you know your heart

Don’t give up..
It’s a dark world after all
Let your light shine upon them all..
Just keep walking



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If I could disappear
And go to anywhere
I would go freely
And here, I escape


For Shane (Sheena, my seatmate)

She’s a girl who’s beside me
Hummingly kind and so entirely
Amplifying kindness, she has a good heart
Not so surprising cause she believes in God
Everyday, I sit beside her, she is Shane

For Ellen May (a Facebook friend)

Each deep thought strikes her head
Letters then come and she writes it well
Life lessons and some pondering comes in place
Each life has a story to tell
Night time arrives and she’s bound to work

Maybe I haven’t known her for too long
And I haven’t seen her, either in person
Yet I feel, she’s definitely not a morning person

lovely-blog-awardJem at “Jemverse – Life in Words” gave me this One Lovely Award a few days ago, and I’m much thankful about this. Having an award means so much to a blogger or a poet because it’s like saying “Hey, don’t stop writing, don’t stop rhyming, You inspire me” And for this, I am grateful 🙂

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blog that nominated you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Identify 15 blogs you love and
  4. Tell each of them about this with a comment on their blogs.

The Seven Things About Me: 

  1. It’s my dream to have an android cellphone. Cause what I got now is a Nokia Asha 309. Looking forward to a cellphone in which I can save drafts for my poems. Since I don’t erase messages, my phone hangs (like it has lost its mind) when it’s reaching full capacity.
  2. I’m super fragile. I guess it shows in my posts. (Laughs)
  3. Pink is my favorite color. I love songs by Pink (the artist)
  4. In 2012, I lost 10 pounds overnight. I slept at 64 kilos and woke up at 54 kilos, due to a high fever as complication of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  5. My favorite food is pastaaaa. (Carbonara and Spaghetti are my favorites)
  6. My favorite movie, so far, is Maleficent. I don’t know what’s with it, but I’m fascinated by the following scenes: (The dialogue between the King and Maleficent, The scene where Maleficent’s wings were cut, and the morning she woke up, she got broken without it, AND the scene where her wings came back – magnificent!)
  7. I am also fascinated by arts. I have been to an art gallery last Sunday, and oh, they are great! The thing is, I have no talent in painting, nor drawing. That’s why everytime I see a masterpiece, I’m astound!

My 15 Lovely Blog nominees – If I included your blog on this list, it means you inspire me a lot, and the words up there in Italic, it’s for you 🙂

1 Coffee With Noor
2 Dormis Aeternitas
3 writing in airplanes
4 dעr tאlmid
5 Colleen Kelbert – Canada
6 Mum C writes
7 The Poetry Project
8 minipoet
9 pinkchromosome
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11 Saya..D Poet…
12 scatteredimpressions
13 Tell me about it
14 Diwata In Lalaland
15 Petitue Magique

Congratulations to all of you, and Thanks again, Jem 🙂


She takes a deep breath
Not minding tomorrow
Not thinking about yesterday
She steps slowly
To the shadows of her dark past

Slowly tears fell from her eyes
She was burnt long before she knew
She can no longer handle the storm inside her

She then disappeared
And through silence, she recovered
And long gone, she flew again
With her wings, all back in
With her spirit whole again

She was a girl with a fragile heart
Nobody saw her fall apart
No one knew she’s got a soft feeling
That can easily break with your screaming.

A Haiku?

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To the point where you lose
To the point where I win
To the point where there’s no point.


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I hear you talkin’
The rants you keep on saying
And it’s me you’re suspecting
How can we turn into nothing?

I see you saw me going
And the bags I’m packing
Are at the front door waiting
Since September evening

The roses you gave were cut and stepped
Its beauty and power no longer has effect
How can you be so selfish when we’re not even meant
You better keep loving as you watch me leaving

I love you
But you love yourself too much
So how about me?