“Then I realized, We were almost just the same – fighting the same demon, living in the same hell, dealing with the same enemy – the fear of being left alone, my dear. The desolation that comes after leaving. We were afraid of the same lonely nights. The terror of living in the shadows. We fear and fight both – with smiling faces and giggling laughter”.


“Where were we?”

Twenty five in December
I was a dying ember
Her sweetness, I resemble
Her pale skin, I don’t assemble

That coffee I vomit
She says she’ll commit
A birthday card can say it
Hidden meaning, so you resubmit

So you took a sip of tea
And you were so surprised
A drop from my eye – tears
Guess I needed some advise

Where we we, darlin?
Is it still 2013?
Or maybe you were caught past
It’s me you’re with
Should haven’t took fast.

“267,580,800 SECONDS”

I was trying to rewrite
A love story that’ll never come back
Mornings that will not happen again
But will age with a broken fence

You said I put colors in your life
But as time pass by
You take away my colors
Til I’m black and white

But I’m not numb to feel
I’m just dumb to think
Does age excuse my foolishness?
Does experience explain your fondness?

Thrice the pain when you said hello again
I was like a machine that can’t reciprocate
So I write in a poem to throw my feelings away
It can no longer be us, at the end of the day

74,328 hours I spend thinking
But even a split second won’t get me anything
The value I gave to our moments together
Is the same price I’m paying to get you off my head



The sound of your voice
is like a drug to my soul
I so long to hear everytime

Our eyes were so connected
Before we knew we’re intoxicated
We’re already infected

You’re absence is so devouring my strength
It had got me conquered
Though I never wanted another

And in my youth if I love you
Will you promise to not leave me
When I’m old and lonely?

If I give you everything
Will you share a smile each morning?
Will you kiss me each evening we see?


Cold Morning

A poetry duet by Lenanoid and Sherry:

Lena 01:

In a small world, here we meet
Running around in circles
With our hearts beating
Music plays while you’re sleeping

Sherry 01:

Around the clocks in every tics…
Mind wanders wide while the everybody’s on a slumber..
And I bother to dance in the wildest imaginings..
In the dungeons of secret musings..

Lena 02:

I was captivated before I even knew
In your eyes, I have found something true
My heart pounded fast as I see you
Still feels like you erase the blue

Sherry 02:

In each breathe that waves through you..
Is a trail of interlaced memories..
That waves in the pathways through heavens …
And breeze swiftly among the fields of cedars..
I would kiss in the wake of the cold morning

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She takes a deep breath
Not minding tomorrow
Not thinking about yesterday
She steps slowly
To the shadows of her dark past

Slowly tears fell from her eyes
She was burnt long before she knew
She can no longer handle the storm inside her

She then disappeared
And through silence, she recovered
And long gone, she flew again
With her wings, all back in
With her spirit whole again

She was a girl with a fragile heart
Nobody saw her fall apart
No one knew she’s got a soft feeling
That can easily break with your screaming.


I hear you talkin’
The rants you keep on saying
And it’s me you’re suspecting
How can we turn into nothing?

I see you saw me going
And the bags I’m packing
Are at the front door waiting
Since September evening

The roses you gave were cut and stepped
Its beauty and power no longer has effect
How can you be so selfish when we’re not even meant
You better keep loving as you watch me leaving

I love you
But you love yourself too much
So how about me?


You make me breathless
With your caress
You left me powerless
No more, no less

And with every touch
You make me feel alive
With your head on my shoulder
It just couldn’t get any better

Your romance blooms like a rose
As my heart that was once closed
You opened my senses to love
Now I’m flying freely as a dove

When Waves Collide

Photo Credits: Google Images

Photo Credits: Google Images

I was astound by your love
We love like waves collide
I ran fast against the current
Down to the bottom of the ocean bed

Sea-foams touched my feet
You lifted me up and we fell asleep
Emotions got my hair waving
Like the wind when it’s trembling yet whispering

I could forever stay in waters
If you’ll promise that we’ll be together
I jumped into the waters and rain fell
You look at me and I melt

The best part of love is falling’
And when I look at you, boy, I’m loving’
Every stars I see in your eyes
Every shine, every sparkle speaks mine.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Playing Victim

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Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I wish I can press rewind
Back to Day one
And pause, stop and reset

I wouldn’ t mind anyway
If you’re hurt or am I
This I’m no longer willing to play

Back to the days
When my heart was mine
When I’m far from your crime

And you were playing victim so  well
It’s a talk you’re always able to sell
I wish I never fell

You are

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

You’re the one I’ll never forget
This love I’ll never regret
The sound of your voice
Our funny and serious conversations
Kept me awake in my imagination

There are times when I cry and complain
But you hold me tight and take the blame
With time we learned to compromise
We learned to benefit from our cries

Everytime I see us apart
Tears flow from my eyes
I can’t take a day without you
You make me feel special in a way you never knew

It’s the sweetest love I found
The love to let me hear the love’s sound
The only love I had to cherish
A masterpiece I am to keep


Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

Hey there, I just miss you
More than anyone else, I do
Do you miss me too?
I can’t feel you move

You waved, I smile
On the television, miles apart
I can remember our start
How loved I am that night

Our hearts had grown together
We wished this love will last forever
Til every sunset last
To cherish love in each other’s heart


A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

Am I just more than a broken piece?
More than what you can hold and kiss?
Cause I am like a broken nail in my hands
You just know to hold but never share a glance

So walk away and don’t look at me
Stay five meters, don’t say you love me
Cause you never care at all
You never said, you’ll never will


A Poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

Two couples walking in the rain
One girl staring at the window, in pain
Loud music keeps me awake
For he gave me the pain I couldn’t take

The show must go on, I must smile
Pretend as if I feel that he’s still mine
I’m gonna let my first tear fall
Make myself believe that I didn’t cry at all