Maybe love

Maybe love…

Maybe love is when you spend dinner with someone you love or maybe love is when you eat a hot soup in a cold weather with him by your side.

Maybe love is when you share an earpiece with him to watch your favorite movie or maybe love is when you hid your umbrella just to be under his’.

Maybe love is when you pretend to sleep at the bus, on the plane or jeepney just to get close to him or maybe love is when you struggle to stay awake but you fall asleep a minute after he said “it’s okay if you want to sleep”.

Maybe love is when you savor the moment you had that Saturday night – that chitchat you had with him while he’s playing songs on his phone or maybe love is when you want to tell him every inch of feeling you have for him but you were so awkwardly muted.

Maybe love is when you want to take care of him badly or maybe love is when you want to hold his hand and say “just hold on. Everything will be alright”.

Maybe love is when you lose yourself in .5 seconds at the smell of his perfume – even when he’s not around or maybe love is what makes your hands sway as parallel as his.

Maybe love is when you miss him so you count the days until you’ll see him again or maybe love is when you badly want to hug him every time you part ways.

Maybe love is what your heart longs for and what your soul craves, for too long now or maybe love is just around the corner waiting to be found.

So look closely. Don’t let love pass by. Hold her tight before she leaves, before she slips away. Tell him how you feel so he will not wonder –

Why your brain isn’t working properly lately; why you were smiling like an idiot at the thought of him; why you were always checking on him – to the point that he gets irritated on you; why you had those sudden ups and downs.

Maybe love can sometimes hurt but maybe love is worth the pain because you’ll never know when it comes, when it leaves; you’ll never know if it will come again; or maybe love is just as wonderful as he is.


Memory Lane

I got down
And see the street lights
The cars passing by
Stuck in the headlight

I’ve seen bestfriends become lovers
We’ve eaten their left overs
What’s left with us,
Is the piece of junk way back past.

I’ve watch lovers love
Like I did before
I’ve watched them fall apart
I’ve felt their beating heart

Baby there’s no ticket to the past
There’s nothing you can do
We didn’t make it last
Just throw your love to the past

And I woke up

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

From the broken floor
I woke up broken and cold
Gasping my breath
Feeling the wounds I kept

Lying on the floor
All I see is your shadow
If left my soul wanting for more
Cuts and bruises are what for

In this game you always win
I’d never had a chance to be loved right
And you smile and I fall once again
And tomorrow I’ll wake up lying on the broken floor

Your silhouette in my fragile heart
Kept me broken each and every time
It’s dark inside the room where I am
And you won’t bother to make me feel warm

Emotional Warfare

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

I can play with my words
You can play with my world
It was a piece of something
But hurts like a bee sting

I’m not a part of your logical mind
Not a mere part of your kind
You were too special for me
While I’m less than a piece of junk for you

I wish I can leave you alone
Not to stay bruised for long
You shot my brain dead with your magic
Now my heart feels tragic

Lonely Prison

A Poem By: Maria Elena Bitare

Locked in a tower of sadness
She closed her heart in darkness
Her love chained by strong metal
There was no view of a petal

Her meadow seemed wrecked
There was no one to mend
There was  no one to run to
All her dreams counted to a few

Her thoughts fragmented in dim light
The girl who stands alone
in the middle of the night
Until when can you hear her song?